June 2010 showcase

Now that winter is upon us and the snow is getting deeper, I thought it might be a good time to revisit the house in June of this year, when it seemed to be at its peak.

4 thoughts on “June 2010 showcase”

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek. June was a glorious month around here. I love seeing your house on the corner as I come around onto Mountain Terrace. I am your neighbor 2 doors down at 57 Mountain Terrace. I love the calm, almost zen look of your house. Happy Holidays!

  2. The house is incredible. I love the media room. Ya’ll have done a great job. Would you tell us a little bit about how the house functions – energy use etc?

  3. Thanks Lucy.

    The house is performing very well, and seems to be handling the seasons as it should. For an all electric house, which also functions as a home office, our bills are quite respectable.

    Some details on energy use:

    13 Months Consumption: 14097 KWH (Kilowatt Hours)
    Average Monthly: 1084 KWH (Kilowatt Hours)
    Average Daily: 36 KWH (Kilowatt Hours)
    Average Monthly Bill Amount: $172.04

  4. Wonderful home you have. I am very interested in your deck railing made from the hog panels. How are they holding up for you? Just curious as to wether you sealed them at all and have they rusted over time.
    Thank you,

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