Hallway Bookshelves and Banister

One of the interesting things about living in a house as you build it is seeing how your ideas change over time. Our original designs for the house didn’t include any bookshelves – we planned to keep the books all downstairs, and liked the clean look created by storing them out of sight.

But after two years living and working here (and long, cold Vermont winters giving us plenty of time to read) we started to miss having our collection close at hand, easy to peruse and lend out to friends. Of course in a small house, it’s not so easy to find a large section of wall space – almost everything upstairs was spoken for! Working with my father-in-law, we came up with a beautiful and sturdy design that would fit our books into one of the few available spots – the hallway by the bedrooms.

The shelves were assembled at the workshop and brought to the house as one whole piece.

This was also a good time to solve the problem of the open space over the down stairs, which was previously blocked by a piece of furniture in probably not the safest way possible. We built a frame and screwed it to the studs on both sides for security.

The center is another piece of remnant Ecoresin material, this time in a grey weave pattern.

This creates privacy for the guest bathroom, while still allowing light to pass through.

The final result, complete with books!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

A new addition to our kitchen this winter is the long-awaited doors for the upper cabinets. These help us protect and camouflage our dishes, keeping them from getting dusty and giving the kitchen a clean look.

The outer frames were made of Valchromat material, also used on the drawer fronts and other areas of the house.

Grass Euro hinges at the top give the cook enough space to work with them up or down.

The inner material is our favorite Ecoresin, part of the same piece we built for the living room media center.

The finished project: