Bathroom Vanity

We’ve already begun work on the interior finishing, and have the bathroom vanity “carcass” complete. Next we’ll work on the drawers, drawer fronts and countertop.

The basic frame is plywood that we edge banded with maple, and this wood will also be used for the drawers, fronts etc. They’ll be a total of 7 drawers, all with full extension slides. The countertop will be Marmoleum with a plywood backing.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Vanity”

  1. It’s awesome stuff to work with if you know how, and will hopefully provide us with decades of service.
    I highly recommend a good solid backing plywood, with as smooth a surface as possible, and the spray “spiderweb-type” glue we used – Westech WP-HTC15.

    Places to get marmoleum remnants are:
    Don-Vac @ (802) 878-5006
    New England Floor Covering @ (802) 658-9336

  2. Wow! I just ran across your blog and have been reading through the posts. I love the idea of using linoleum on the counter tops! My husband and I also live in Vermont and have counter tops that need replacing. I think we might even have access to construction leftovers!

  3. Thanks for the reply on the Chow site. One last question… due to lack of info out there on using Marmoleum for counters: Did you have to buy a special type of Marmoleum? Or just the sheet stuff typically used on floors. And, did you ever put any kind of sealer or anything on it? My guess is no, but I’m just curious.

    Thanks again!!!

  4. We’re using the sheet material typically used for floors, without a sealer, and it’s been great over the last year.

    You can add a wipe on top coat but it’s not really necessary since it’s manufactured with Topshield.

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