Our buddy TED

So now that the HRV air handler and geothermal heating system are online and doing what they do, we decided to invite a special friend to watch over them for us. He’s called TED, AKA The Energy Detective, and he’s helping us with monitor our daily, monthly and yearly electricity usage.

Here’s TED in his box…

…and here he is doing his job.

The unit uses a connection in the main breaker box of the house to relay information every second on the total amount of KW being used at any one time. Type in your utility cost per KW, and it gives you your current hourly rate.

So here the house electricity is costing me 5¢ per hour (since it’s just the HRV and a CFL or two running), but use the bathroom sink and some hot water for a little bit and it jumps to $1.50-2.00 per hour! I guess that 100amp circuit for the on-demand hot water heater is working!

This nice thing about the unit is that it will remember 13 months of data (which you may be able to pull out of it at some point with the USB connection it offers), and gives you the ability to really track your usage over time. Once you see where that energy is going, you can adjust your behavior and hopefully lower your monthly expenses.

The unit was around $155 shipped, but I felt it was justified since it gives us the ability to monitor everything in our all-electric house, at any time.


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  1. Hi there,

    I recently found your site and am thrilled that there is another VTer going green! My husband and I are hoping to build a small green home in the Williston area next summer and are tracking our progress on our blog, greenhousevt.blogspot.com. It’s great to see your home and all the progress you’re making-you must be so excited! It would be great to trade resources and ideas with someone else trying to go green in the state…we, too, want to rely on local products and salvaged materials as much as possible. We haven’t had much luck at the architectural salvage spot in Burlington but aren’t giving up. Have you heard about the store in Rutland, Green Things? http://store.greenthings.com/ Best of luck with your build!


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