Office Flooring

We designed the office floor around two leftover pieces of oriented strand board (osb) from the construction. Sanded up and sealed with clear poly-whey floor finish the material looks amazing. More leftover material from a neighboring job site allowed us to add burnt poplar in between the osb giving us some extra width and more importantly a very unique look.

Each poplar piece is biscuited to the osb section, which is then screwed directly to the sub-floor with some nice looking 2.5″ screws. All materials were prepared at the workshop, making it much easier to cut, sand, drill, countersink and finish.

6 thoughts on “Office Flooring”

  1. Wow, found your blog through boing boing butI think I like this floor even better. I would never have thought of using OSB as flooring–visible flooring that is. It turned out beautiful.


  2. saw the floor in your more recent office pix, after the jump from mocoloco. Brilliant idea and it came out looking awesome. Love what you’re doing with the place.

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