Kitchen Sub-Floor & Layout

In keeping with our eco design model, and just for the sheer fun of it, we’ve decided that the kitchen floor will be made up from all the leftover pieces of Marmoleum we’ve saved so far.

The first part was the installation of a high quality sub-floor (similar to the bathrooms), consisting of maple plywood and a lot of staples.

Then we mocked up some layouts on the computer (complete with correct colors and textures), and settled on the one below.

Then using a panel saw we cut the pieces as square as possible and ended up with this!

We’re hoping to have it installed in the next couple of weeks.


The floor was finally installed this past week by a local company. We felt a professional would handle the complexity a little better, rather than installing it ourselves – plus they’ve got all the tools! He did a really nice job.


30 thoughts on “Kitchen Sub-Floor & Layout”

  1. @Jamie Sue
    All the pieces were left over bits from the bathrooms floors, bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops.

    I’m afraid not. 😛

    Diary of a Vermont Eco Builder

  2. Well they originated as full sized pieces – 6′, 8,’ 12′ long etc. – before we used them in the house. We just happened to keep the bits left over for no real reason.
    After pricing full sheets of marmo (@ full price) it was just too expensive for us to do, so we were sort of forced to come up with an alternative.

    Diary of a Vermont Eco Builder

  3. I see you also have the ‘space pinecone’ lamp from IKEA. Tres chic and cheep! We decided against Marmoleum in an addition because getting an effect like yours would be too expensive, and the plain Marmoleum looks like a high school cafeteria! How much was the professional installation?

  4. It’s probably going to run us around $350-400. Definitely up there, but having all the pieces to deal with gave us the shakes.

    We’re fine with a single piece or countertop install (since the gluing is very quick) but felt it was time to call the folks in who have done this for decades.

  5. Pretty easy! We’re just using a microfiber mop and Seventh Generation’s Natural All Purpose Cleaner.

  6. Love this idea of remodeling a kitchen with leftover pieces of Marmoleum.

    You definitely kept going “green” in mind when putting together this kitchen.

    Did you use energy efficient kitchen appliances too?

  7. You bet! Spent a good couple of months researching every model out there, as well as the companies behind the appliances.

    Energy Star also has an excellent spreadsheet that allows you to analyze the cost of say a fridge over ten years, taking into account the efficiency of the unit compared to others. It will also give you the payback time.
    The dishwasher ended up being the best, since it was the least expensive to start with – even though it received top marks in Consumer Reports.

  8. How’s the marmoleum holding up? I’m beginning a kitchen remodel and am really inspired by your floor but I’ve read some horror reviews of marmoleum online. Any comments?

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