Dining Room Built-In Drawers

The drawers (like the bedroom doors) are recycled from a previous project (where Dad works), and we were able to take our pick from a number of different sizes.

Designing the layout to fit to our given space.

More edge banding for the carcass that the selected six drawers will sit in.

One (of the two) semi-finished units in place under the office. Drawer fronts and kick will come later.

A second mirror-imaged unit will sit to the left, leaving a 22″ gap between, and there we will install a small door leading to John Malkovich’s brain, as well as cables under the office.

The amazing thing is we picked out the drawers this morning, and were installing the unit after lunch! How lucky we are in having Dad’s amazing skills available to us.

Here’s both sets of built-ins for the dining room.

And here’s the finished kick and casing around them.

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  1. I’m always excited when I open Reader and there’s a post from Vermont Eco-Builders. Beautiful drawers and the toaster is a work of art. Thanks for sharing with us.

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