Speaker Bench

We wanted something that looked nice, hid the speakers, and could possibly be used for seating, and a bench seemed to fit all three. Cushions might come later.

Simple plywood construction of some verticals, pocket-screwed to the osb flooring, combined with another Marmoleum countertop. The black is another remnant piece (1/3 of the cost), found at a local construction company.

Vent box extension. Our third now, showing how things have changed since the original design of the heating system, and placement in the floor.

Top installed and edge scribed into place. The wall was fairly straight which surprised us.

Already a nice place to sit and enjoy the sun

Nice clean edges

All tidy, with just the covers remaining. These will be just like speaker grills – stretched black fabric on a frame – hiding the components underneath.

Here it is finished. Built four front frames and wrapped black speaker grill cloth. Held in place by magnets for easy removal.

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