Finishing is in the details…

Spending a lot of time with the tiny detailing around the windows, casing and baseboards.

Due to imperfections in the sheetrock, when you add some baseboard you sometimes get gaps here and there. You think slapping some paint on will do the trick, but it doesn’t. It dries and then cracks.

So the solution and the biggest godsend for painters is white silicone caulk. This stuff is the greatest. A nice thin bead along every edge in the house, then wipe away the excess with your finger. Takes a bit of practice, but it’s worth it.

I’m even experimenting using it on the window returns. Here’s a nice “with and without” example.

2 thoughts on “Finishing is in the details…”

  1. So what happens is you want to change the paint color someday? Do you remove the caulking first, or try to paint over it?

  2. If it was just a second painting I think I’d go straight over. Obviously over time and many coats it’s going to build up and not look so hot – like most rentals places out there!

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