Even more floor…

Continued work on the floor by the sliders…

Gluing the elements just looks like a bunch of stuff everywhere!

Had to redo an area of the master bathroom floor since the piece we used had a non-removable crease in it.
This is from manufacturing as the giant rolls of marmo are hung when drying, and are usually cut out before being shipped. We knew this but still went ahead since it was in the middle of the floor. Never settled, so after the kitchen floor was set, Bernie the Installer worked his magic in the bathroom.

Finished the entry floor! Four separate pieces installed together. Had fun in the closets with some left over black.
Oak threshold finishes the edge and allows the soon-to-be-installed carpet to butt against it. Mats are simple indoor/outdoor from Shaw carpet that will protect the marmo in this high traffic area. Will play a larger roll in the VT winters.

3 thoughts on “Even more floor…”

  1. We actually used a number of different places, and all of it was from remnants.

    A couple we bought from are:
    New England Floor Covering @ (802) 658-9336
    Don-Vac @ (802) 878-5006

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