Dog Cubby

Jumping in

Before we built our house, our dog Archie slept in our room in his plastic travel crate – not the classiest feature for a modern home! We wanted a place for him to sleep that would be comfortable and out of the way, and also blend in with the decor.

Our solution was the “dog cubby” – a built-in closet in the bedroom that recedes right into the wall, occupying the same space as the kitchen pantry on the other side. 

Archie in cubby

It was made as a single unit at the shop, and pushed into a cutout in the wall: 

Drywall hole

We had originally planned to build a door, but found that Arch likes his bed so much that he won’t wander out at night.

Demonstrating the wrong way to use the dog cubby:

One thought on “Dog Cubby”

  1. That is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. I wonder how big a cubby would have to be to hold our two 65 labs…

    And I think a door would be necessary in our case. Our pups are just waiting for the day that we go to bed without remembering to put them in their kennels first–they would thoroughly enjoy night-raiding the kitchen trash can.

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