Office Desk & Built-In – Part 1

Even though Rae and I both work from home, the office area was one of the least finished parts of the house, with a temporary Ikea-based desk (an adjustable leg system + MDF top) and coffee table as countertop stand-in.

Yuk! That MDF needs some sanding.

So, after 6+ months of working literally 2 feet from each other we decided to hit the workshop for some much needed desk building.

Measuring up

Plywood base

Marmoleum top (no surprises there)

Edge banding on all sides this time

Cutting materials for the built-in behind the desk

Drilling machine for adjustable shelving (so cool)

Cabinet assembly

Iron on edge banding this time

Finished carcass with reused drawers from a previous shop project

One thought on “Office Desk & Built-In – Part 1”

  1. Hi, this is a great blog…thanks for sharing. It’s a great inspiration to “do-it-yourselfers” or those who’d like to build their own eco house.

    My question is a general one, and not specifically related to this post. As I look over many of your posts, I wonder how you were able to get an occupancy permit if the house is unfinished. You appear to be living in the house, at least on a limited basis, as of your post for January of 2008, yet the dining table is standing on OSB, the stairs to the office are rough and open and other pictures show additional incomplete items for example. I would have thought that the building inspectors and maybe the bank would have a problem with this. Thanks.

    Terrific house, keep up the good work.

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